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What Are The New Ways Of Consuming Drugs That Were Recently Discovered

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Those who are younger, think around high school or college, are way more likely to try out new drugs and new ways of consuming drugs than those who are older. Trying a new drug can seem fun to those who use them recreationally or are young.

New drugs are often created with the daring younger crowd in mind. This means that they are developing club drugs for young adults or even designer drugs to make them appear more attractive or fun to use. Illicit drug use is often seen as “cool” by this younger crowd especially when something new hits the scene.

Here are a few new drugs and how they are being consumed to give you an idea of what is going on.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO)

If you put butane and cannabis together, the butane gets rid of all the healthy cannabinoids and leaves a type of wax. This is used when “dabbing”. Dabbing is the process by which the BHO is consumed when you burn it in a pipe and then inhale the smoke or fumes that come from it.

This is very popular and can be a bit dangerous over time. This is because BHO is very potent and can cause people to become addicted. If this happens, it is totally possible to go through cannabis withdrawal.

Making the drug can also be dangerous; it is known to cause fires or explosions. If the drug isn’t made right, it can cause a lot of bad responses including death because butane, obviously, is not healthy to consume.


This drug actually has no medical use in the United States, so it is made and used just for recreational use and is illegal. This drug can come as a powder or a pill. It is one of those drugs taken at the club and can be ingested or snorted as the user desires.

Some side effects of this drug include:

–    Nausea and vomiting

–    Emotional distress

–    Auditory and visual hallucinations

–    Lowered inhibitions

–    Death by overdose

It is a drug that is more new, so not much is known about it. This can make it seem exciting to young people but that honestly just makes it more dangerous because treatment for an overdose might be harder to obtain.

Synthetic Cannabinoids

Another common drug these days are synthetic cannabinoids. Basically, regular plants are sprayed with a chemical compound that is supposed to make them give reactions similar to marijuana. The problem is that using these drugs is far more dangerous than using regular cannabis and can have side effects. People often use synthetic cannabinoids because it is cheaper.