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Green Bay is one of the largest cities in Wisconsin. The larger cities usually sadly tend to have higher levels of drug abuse. There are many different addiction treatment centers in the area. We’re going to list a few here to help you with your search. They won’t all be in Green Bay, but they’ll be in it or close to it.

Quality Addiction Management (QAM)

This is an outpatient treatment facility. That means they treat people who then go home for the night or work for the day. It’s essential for some people to maintain their lives. Or what drug addiction has not yet destroyed.

They use methadone to help people who can’t handle the symptoms of withdrawal to help wean them off of drugs.


Libertas means freedom. That is what their ultimate goal is. They want to free those stuck in the firm grasp of drug addiction. They treat substance use problems and want to help people in recovery.

Libertas treatment center is there to treat both adolescents and adults. They have different options and programs for age. They want to help families fight drug addiction and recollect their lives.

They have a holistic approach. The try to make sure there isn’t more to a drug problem such as mental problems. If there are, then they focus on helping those as well. All parts of a person need to be paid attention to.

Jackie Nitschke Center Inc

The Jackie Nitschke Center Inc in Green Bay is well known. They have drug and alcohol treatment in a comfortable, homey facility. They have been treating their community for over 50 years.

They stick to the science of treatment and want the family to be involved. They have a 28-day Inpatient treatment program. They also have two different types of Outpatient treatment programs.