What Exactly Is Narcotics Anonymous?

Narcotics Anonymous is a branch off of the famous Alcoholics Anonymous that started in the 1940s. It’s based on a book and series of 12-steps principles. It’s often religious in nature.

Generally, it’s a group of men and women who come together often. They meet up and talk about their lives and the problems they faced. Narcotics anonymous branched out so that drug addicts could have a separate place to talk to people who definitely understand their problems.

Addiction can be isolating, so it is better to be surrounded by those who know firsthand.

Why Support Groups?

Because addiction can alienate people from friends and families they might not have a support network. Support networks are vital to long term success in recovery.

Relapse is common, so with daily or weekly meetings, people can be held accountable. Being held accountable means, they have a better chance of sticking with their recovery programs. We want everyone to succeed in remaining clean.

How Do You Join?

Just show up at one of our open meetings. It’s fun, and we like to talk a lot. You’re allowed to speak too if you want, but no one will force you. Sometimes we have donuts, depends on whose turn it is to provide snacks.

There’s really only one requirement to join up with Narcotics Anonymous. I bet you know what it is. Ha, yes. You have to want to stop using drugs!

Come along, make some friends. Let us support you on your journey to recovery.

Where Do You Meet?

Check out our Meetings and Events page to see where some are located. Narcotics Anonymous groups tend to meet in various places. Churches, community centers, hospitals, etc. Hope we have something close enough to you.

What Do You Do?

Exactly what we say we do: we talk.

Sometimes there are topics put up for discussion, or reading. It helps if you’re spiritual, but you don’t have to be. Not on a deeper level. What is important is that you come for support and you receive what you need. You have to dish it out as well, but it’s easier than you would think.

We come together, and we talk about who we are, what we faced. There are sad stories, happy stories. There’s a success, trial, and error, but never a failure. No one who is at Narcotics Anonymous has failed, not even if they relapsed.

If they’re here, they’re trying, and they’re not a caution tale yet.