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Drug Prevention Among Students

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Drug and alcohol abuse is a major problem in the United States. It’s even prevalent, especially among college students. This is because of the high-stress levels of working and going to school can have kids feeling like they need a boost. Some think that they need to have help relaxing at parties on weekends.

All of this can be achieved through drug use. The problem is that drug use leads to addiction. The use of drugs can eventually cause poor performance in school. Addiction can take over their life and school won’t be their focus anymore.

Drug use running rampant can easily turn a school into a terrifying place to be.

Many schools have approached this differently. Partying and easy access to drugs can ruin a schools reputation. It can destroy the student’s lives.

One school set up a program that helped educate students about the dangers of drinking and drugs. Within a year the usage dropped drastically.

Another school decided harsher penalties were in order. Anyone found to be using drugs or to have them was given way worse punishment for it. After, of course, they were also provided help.

It’s important to give a reason not to do drugs. It’s also essential to help those who have already fallen prey. Letting them slip through the cracks just isn’t okay.

Providing educational programs and stricter rules are definitely an important part of prevention. Informing people of the effects of drug use can really open their eyes.

What is fun on a Friday or Saturday night won’t be fun in a few years when they’re living on the streets or dead.

Of course, more can always be done to prevent drug use. That’s why data should always be collected, policies enforced, and make sure it’s specific to their campus.