About us

The Narcotics Anonymous Organization of Green Bay, Wisconsin is here to help provide support to those who suffer from drug addiction. We are what is considered a fellowship of men and women.

We came together after our own battles against drug addiction. Those who suffer from this disease of drug addiction often need plenty of support. Going to family or friends for this can be hard. They just may not be able to understand, or not want to.

Our communities across the U.S. are there to help those who want to control their lives. Addiction can take over, but we fight back. Having support makes a difference.

We have daily meetings where we group together and discuss our troubles. There are often topics planned so members can think about what they want to say.

This type of group support has always been productive. Drug addiction can be isolating. It can feel all-consuming and destroy your whole life. Some people don’t even have a support system anymore because they lost it.

This is why we are so necessary. Recovery is a constant choice. Relapse is always around the corner. Just one drink can turn into just one hit. Only complete abstinence stands a chance.

At Narcotics Anonymous the only requirement to join is the commitment to stop using.

Each group follows different approaches, though the end goal is all the same. If you keep coming to meetings and keep staying clean, then life will come together.

“Real life” can seem so hard after addiction. Having life together can seem an impossible dream. It’s not. People who have been clean for years still come to these meetings because it’s important to share. It’s important to look out for one another.

Truthfully, only you can hold yourself accountable. Come check us out today.